How do I know I will be safe, allowing a Care Assistant into my home? What checks are made on these people?

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We have rigorous recruitment and training processes in place. Everyone working for Locala HomeCare has been checked for criminal records from the Disclosure and Barring Service and will be said to be DBS checked.

How can I know that the quality of the service will be maintained and won't get sloppy after a couple of weeks?

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Locala HomeCare is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) whose inspectors make unplanned visits (arranged to coincide with a Care assistant being with you but not known in advance by the Care Assistant). We're very pleased to say that the CQC report on their first visit to Locala HomeCare states that we met all their exacting quality and safety standards. The report is on this website and can be read here: CQC Report.

Our Locala HomeCare Manager and two Co-Ordinators also make unannounced spot checks on the quality of the care being provided. If ever you are unhappy about any element of the service they are only a phone call away.

Can I ask for that the Care Assistant will arrive at specific time?

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Yes we can discuss and agree a time to suit you. We don't say: 'We'll see you sometime between 9.00 and 10.00'. This way you know exactly when to expect your visit.

I don't want to feel hit by a whirlwind when the Care assistant comes in and is gone again in 15 minutes. What's the minimum length of time they will be with me?

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Our minimum length of care is 30 minutes because we are providing a quality service. He or she will be there to do a job but we don't want you or the Care Assistant to feel rushed. What's more our rotas allow for travel time so that everyone has the full allocation of booked time they are paying for. This means they won't be leaving 5 minutes early so they can get to their next appointment. This way of working cuts down stress for everyone. Locala HomeCare operates an electronic call monitoring system which enables us to audit calls.

My Father accepts female nurses in a hospital environment though he isn't comfortable about it but he really wouldn't like a female carer in his home. Do you employ male Care Assistants?

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Yes we do. This means the person receiving the care is not worried by male/female issues and can feel as comfortable as possible in this situation.

How much does the service cost?

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Our charges start at less than £8 for half an hour (our minimum time allocation). Please remember that we offer personalised care to suit your needs so you can have as little or as much as suits your situation. Before anything is agreed we discuss with you what you would like and how that could be provided. This is about being flexible around you and your needs; not reaching for an off-the-shelf package of care.

Our hourly rates are as follows:
Weekdays £16.15
Weekends and Bank Holidays £17.15

Exceptions - double time (£32.50)
From 4pm Christmas Eve until midnight Boxing Day
From 4pm New Year's Eve until midnight New Year's Day