Appointments, shopping and visits

If you’re not as confident about going out and about as you used to be or a temporary condition has made going to the doctor, dentist, optician, hairdresser/barber an ordeal and even a bit scary, we’d like to help.

Locala HomeCare can support you to continue doing these things for yourself by being with you to help you feel more confident; to support you when you need a rest or even to take you there and back in a car.

This option in our personalised HomeCare service extends to going to the shops with you if you would prefer to see what the special offers are yourself, rather than relying on someone else to go with your list. And we’ll even take you for a walk or, in good weather, sit with you in the park if that’s what you want to do.

Remember Locala HomeCare packages of care are designed to suit you. Contact us today on 030 3330 8820 or email us on to discuss the options.

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Appointments, shopping and visits