Personal care

Maybe you are OK once you are up, washed, dressed, breakfasted and sitting in your chair – the problem is getting to that point. If this sounds familiar,  you could need our help.

Locala HomeCare provides personal care packages from as little as 30 minutes to several hours. Our trained and experienced care workers can help you through a morning routine to reach that easy chair comfortably and with dignity. You may also need some support during the day to suit your personal needs and this can easily be arranged.

And, at the end of the day your Locala HomeCare team can make sure you are safely tucked up in bed  – at a time to suit you since they work until 10.30pm. Why should you have to go to bed at 8.30pm if you are used to staying up another three hours?

Whatever your needs and no matter how personal the care they provide for you, your carers will always treat you with respect.

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